Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Effects Of Penguin Update

By Anne Sutton

From time to time, rants, grumbles and sighs influence the entire online industry. This usually seems to be the case when Google is on a positive state, implementing updates here and there. And this typical scenario, as expected, became very alive when Google introduced its Google Penguin update last April 24 this year and impacted over 3% of English queries.

And what seems to be the fuss all about? Well, a lot of people are pointing fingers at Google, furiously lashing at the sudden meteor that ultimately obliterated the online planet that they have built atop the Google universe. Many still shake their heads in disbelief, question the authorities and even predict the demise of SEO because of Google's wrongdoing. So what earned the ire of these Internet professionals? It may have to do with their site's dropping from the peak to an all time low.

Is Google responsible for the entire incident? Not really. If you're one of the victims, remember that Google is doing its best to catch the rule breakers and criminals. Besides, it's not wise to hurl insults and negative comments while you are on the brink of being buried under a pile of web sites. Before you point fingers at Google, make sure you have gone through the possible website errors that earned you a penalisation.

So where do you start? Start off by identifying the pitfalls of your campaign. Assess your goals. Were you in a hurry to get to the top? Did you settle for anything gray hat or black hat? Because if you did, you need to rewire your strategy to fit Google's strict guidelines. The lesson brought about by Penguin is to keep your website in good shape.

Request the assistance of an SEO and web development company Singapore, and surely, they'll tell you that having a website that lacks quality and value is taken off the Google SERPS. If you want to stir results for your business advertising through SEO then make sure you implement a content-driven SEO campaign in full blast.

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The Effects Of Penguin Update

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