Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The One Best Practice To Be Rank 1 In Google Amidst Algorithm Changes

By Anne Austin

With Google Panda 3.3 seeing millions of websites evaporate from the ranking, it's a valid inquiry for businesses to ask whether search engine optimization or SEO remains to be reliable among business services on the internet.

How did Google Panda 3.3 kick out enormous number of websites from top ranking positions? Google Panda 3.3 got smarter about how websites are producing back-links. Even those that use content but then generate links using low quality SEO articles disseminated in mass by article distribution service or networked blogs got penalised.

It's not surprising that Google always updates its algorithms. Because there are many content contributors and enormous number of websites in the web, Google must always clean up the web for all those sites that are spammy, or those that give nothing but clutter to the world wide web all for the intent of maneuvering PageRank. Previously, Google only penalised web sites that utilised link buying as process for building links. Now, Google got smarter and visited websites that obtain links from poor quality content.

It appears Google is definitely consistently altering its algorithms, and because it does, investments in SEO become very risky and unstable. should businesses stop creating and optimising web sites?

The answer is no. The internet continues to be a highly leverageable place in particular for start-ups as well as SMEs who have low capitalisation and yet an excellent product to offer its market.

Instead of being frightened by Google, companies must be in line with Google's optimization standards, regardless of these guidelines regularly upgrading.

To be in line with Google, website owners have one rule of thumb to abide by: What Google desires for its visitors. And Google basically wants quality, relevant content. Currently, website owners must begin thinking about what Google desires from the very start of the website creation when they are just conceptualizing the website. Having zero content and all images on the site just isn't good for Google, because it just isn't able to index and read what the site is about. Google has spiders and humans to read the websites. Having flash elements is also not good for the reason that Googlebot basically does not index flash.

While Google demands better quality in web sites, website owners should follow with this raise in the bar. After 100%, there is nothing in the wrong about being the best website, in Google and your would-be customers' eyes.

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The One Best Practice To Be Rank 1 In Google Amidst Algorithm Changes

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