Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Web Design Tips For A Wonderful Website

By Marshall Brooke

Charles Darwin's theory talks about various evolutionary schemes that brought about the growth of species. Interestingly, this rule applies to the online world. Web sites that are formulated using the best qualities are the ones that reign the food chain. Armed with the most laudable features, these well-built web sites easily engulf other smaller entities.

Online presence is absolutely amplified by a great website design. Here are some attributes of a website design that can help you increase your presence on the Web with success.

Site visitors today go to the Internet to accomplish a certain goal. They're looking for a new product, they are looking for tips or they're keen to learn more about a topic. To make this information hunt easier and uncomplicated, websites should present a good navigational plan. Navigational structure is always a critical component of web design, mainly because it affects how viewers can explore the overall pages of a website.

Make sure your design is crafted in such a way that it does not strain the eyes. Avoid hard, odd colour combinations that ambiguously disrupt the flow of reading. Go for compelling colour contrasts between your text and your background.

Select fonts that are not too big, not too small. Small fonts not only strain the eyes. Big fonts, conversely, might shock the readers. Select custom fonts that are not too difficult to read.

A gorgeous website is useless when the SEO element is missing. When formulating designs, bear in mind the importance of keyword-oriented text and page architecture.

Site visitors today are quite impatient. They dislike waiting for slow web pages! Therefore, try not to ornament your website with Flash and other heavy media-centric elements. Going for 100% flash design might affect the speed of your website.

Nurturing an online business can be perplexing and baffling. In fact, it is not easy to grip success on the competitive Web platform right away. But if there is a sure way to tread that path though, it's simply sticking to the basics and gooing for a website design that is purposeful and powerful.

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Web Design Tips For A Wonderful Website

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Anonymous said...

Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good spirit.
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blake said...

Let me add some. Consistency of fonts is also a must as this can create a uniform and neat look to the site. Blinking, flashing and other animations in the site can lead to slow processing, so avoid these as well.

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