Saturday, September 1, 2012

False Statements From Unreliable SEO Providers

By Brown Young

It's not unusual to find big brands being penalised by Google because of engagement in black hat SEO. One particular incident, the controversy, raised alarm bells for the widespread preference for the dark art of black hat SEO. Another alarming note here is that relied on the services of a notorious SEO company.

The fervent desire of many companies to own Google's top spot may imply several dangers. Sometimes, this overwhelming desire can be out of control especially when they choose to work with just anyone who pretends to know search engine optimisation. Because the Web is a breeding ground of scammers and spammers, this mindset cannot be tolerated. When searching for an SEO provider, let utmost caution and pragmatic thinking guide you. You cannot just accept any offer without getting to know your SEO partner!

The mistake of selecting an incompetent provider can backfire. What do you lose? Almost everything. You not only lose your site rankings and money, you also lose your online reputation!

When you decide to find an SEO firm, try to be very realistic. Analyse your objectives and desired results, and look to see if your chosen provider holds the answer to your vision of ranking at the top of Google.

Here are two statements that immediately tell you that an SEO firm is flagrant and unfit to work with.

They seem to have a secret relationship with Google. This is entirely false. They only think they have a relationship with Google but the truth is, they do not. Google doesn't rely on payments and connections to mold their organic ranking results.

They know secret schemes that work fast. Anything that has the word secret and fast should make you more curious. Just so you know, all strategies have been openly shared by Google with the SEO population, and therefore there is no reason for any technique to be considered a secret.

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False Statements From Unreliable SEO Providers

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