Monday, October 1, 2012

The Role Of The Web Developer

By Teresa Port

Traditional minds have a hard time understanding the art of web development. To most beginners and onlookers, web development suits only the extremely gifted. That's a false statement. Web development is easy, if and only if, the online professional can cater to the needs and specifications of the online industry.

When creating a website, knowledge of various online platforms is imperative. Web developers must be acquainted with the pros and cons of these platforms, only so they can certify which platform best suits the client's desired website. If the website is media-rich, developers can propose the use of Flash technology. If the website is for corporate branding or retailing, developers can suggest the implementation of a CMS platform such as Wordpress.

Is this knowledge of platforms the sole necessity for web developers? Actually not. In today's context, this understanding of platform is scarce. Web developers also have to look at other aspects of web development, such as search engine optimisation. Without SEO knowledge, developers face the risk of creating websites that don't perform well in search engines! When a website is not properly structured in a crawler-friendly fashion, then it might endure the perils of being obscured under a pile of other web sites! This scenario must be prevented with knowledge of SEO.

The rule is simple: web developers must therefore craft websites that are SEO-friendly. The structures they create must adhere to the requirements of most search engines and users.

Looking for reliable developers to breathe life into your desired online presence? Do you yearning to jumpstart your Internet marketing strategy? Have no worries. There are web developers in Singapore who can help you take a few steps closer by offering you a beautiful mesh of outstanding web development and SEO service!

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The Role Of The Web Developer

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