Monday, December 10, 2012

Back Office Operations: Great Assistance In Managing A Business

By Sarah Coughlin

Any organization wanting to develop back office operations should think about making use of a system such as Enlighten software. With this particular program, pinpointing, recording and coping with error and lost-time becomes simpler. Why? It's because quality can be enhanced even more as it could be extensively assessed and managed while contact center performance and service are proactively dealt as well. On top of that, customer service surveys can be carried out in conjunction with staff suggestions and ideas while complaints are quickly resolved with the aid of this quality management system. When quality and waste are maintained, operational performance improves. Here are two examples of Enlighten's optimization systems that will demonstrate how it helps.

The Service Optimizer assists in the management of quality and waste. Reports and tools control information required to assess areas of reduced performance or where quality is being affected. With this information, team members will have a clear picture of best places to concentrate efforts to boost service and quality. Lost time, known as waste, is placed into one of three categories: process driven loss, incident driven loss and error driven loss. As contact centers are incredibly intricate, the this simplifies the process to make aspects of concern easier to recognize hence issues may be tackled with ease.

Process driven loss consists of waste created due to a poorly designed process. Employees must find other ways to complete the task. This may be poorly designed form in which employees must spend some time explaining how to complete the form to customers, time which could be better spent elsewhere. Incident driven loss is loss due to many things like a lack of training, poor warehouse design or technology issues.

Nonetheless, when utilizing this particular software, employees can identify these areas to rectify the issues resulting in waste. Error driven loss is that in which a processor makes an error and another employee must come behind him or her to make the essential improvements.

Then there's also Performance Optimizer which features five software solutions designed to deliver the overall big picture once aspects of loss have been identified. With this particular big picture, tools are provided to optimize overall performance in the company's back office operations. It removes lost time proactively and systematically that brings about improved quality as well. The software takes this a step further while it categorizes the lost time to offer specific categories then action can be taken. It quantifies both time lost and the volume while providing data necessary to develop a business case, thus allowing the management team to review the effectiveness within a quality framework.

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Back Office Operations: Great Assistance In Managing A Business

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