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Who Is Smart Media Company

By James Michael Lim

Smart Media Technologies is a debt-free, privately held international company with numerous branches. It is the designer of its flagship product, the "rebrandable" Smart Media Desktop computer and owner of the proprietary rights. Technologies has 4 divisions: Smart Media Knowing Smart Media Company Building contractor Smart Media Fundraising Smart Media Direct Sales.Company CEO, David Martin, has made and created financial systems & electronic financial protection systems over the last fifteen years. For the initial time ever before in the Direct Sales business, there is an innovation business that in fact has optimal software needed by over 2 Billion people worldwide. Desktop computer is a total change for Net Users and Marketers. It is likewise a development in the direct sales market. A single type of programming team could possibly make this degree of high quality and worth within a software:.

A computer programming team of twenty-one designers and developers that work exclusively for Smart Media Technologies; a proven team that has actually worked solely for David Martin for over 12 years on several of the most crucial mission-critical venture software application on the planet. Since 1998, this phenomenal team has actually designed and developed entire financial systems and anti-fraud protection systems with world-class safety, integrity and ease of use for small and medium-sized banks.

These platforms and business protection systems have aided stop Credit Card and electronic cheque scams and provide log-in and cash transmission protection to people around the globe. This coincides programming group that was made use of to create the patent-pending Smart Media Desktop system, which managed 3 years and hundreds of dollars to establish. It is not surprising that that this software is theoretically much above most other software worldwide. The reality that Smart Media Technologies custom-made world-class back workplace includes the most highly effective cutting-edge features in the market is additionally not a surprise as it was made by a group utilized to developing mission-critical business innovations over the last 12 years. Every one of the business's internet sites, squeeze capture pages and also the impressive "back workplace" - actual time genealogy monitoring, bookkeeping, durable e-wallet and voucher system - were made "internal" from scratch by this extraordinary group. This indicates we have the most effective superior and worth today and that we will certainly continue to be the leaders in superior and value throughout the international computer market.

We hold these high worth standards to all parts of our business. The very same world-class computer programming group that helped David Martin making goal vital business applications has actually produced Smart Media's entire back workplace system and the Smart Media Desktop computer from the ground up. Because of their background, this unique group is able to create technology at often the speed and superior compared to is usually usual in the direct sales market or even in the typical world of software application. The company's main hosting servers entertain by Rackspace, an enterprise web server organizing firm that is the world's innovator in reliability and protection. Furthermore, Smart Media uses numerous web server collections which are placed purposefully in various parts of the world to make sure continuing solution and safety. We are also the premier leader in Net Education Technologies, ONE HUNDRED % Assured Online video Distribution and Impressive Value-Oriented Online Advertising and marketing Systems. We do not have to contend against other business in the Direct Sales business.

We rely on "competition" not competitors. Instead of competing with other companies, our item functions as a very tool to significantly enhance the earnings possibility of any type of business owner. The business has actually very carefully created a 10-Year Plan for the recurring success of its members.

Smart Media Technologies is a debt-free, independently held worldwide firm with a number of departments. Technologies has 4 departments: Smart Media Knowing Smart Media Company Builder Smart Media Fundraising Smart Media Direct Sales Company Chief Executive Officer, David Martin, has actually created and created banking platforms & digital banking protection systems over the last fifteen years.

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