Saturday, September 22, 2012

Genesis Theme Review - How Does It Work?

By Mike Johnson

Is the Genesis Wordpress Theme any good? In this post we will be looking at the good points and bad points of this theme.

It's a simple WordPress theme which allows even the newest user to build exciting WordPress sites.

The question of many potential users may be: but why should I buy a theme when there are so many free themes available?

Quite simply, most themes are not easy to customize or modify to suit the needs of an individual user, and make it difficult for someone new to site building to create a website or blog that effectively captures their target audience.

The Genesis Framework theme allows the user to easily change the look of their website. It allows for several different page formations including one column, two column or three column designs.

You can also change pages with a left sidebar or right sidebar; and easy to customize backgrounds, headers and menus.

This doesn't require any complicated knowledge of php, it's just a matter of selecting an option and previewing to see what the site will look like.

Being on page one in the search engines is getting more and more important these days and the Genesis Theme is optimized for this. A lot of Wordpress themes are big and clunky. Genesis has taken out lots of unwanted code to make sure the search spiders can clearly see what it is.

Another huge benefit is that when you purchase the theme, you receive unlimited support and updates.

If you have one website then you will only need the single license.

If you need it on more than one then the developer option would be best.

Genesis Framework will work for virtually any kind of website or blog, so it's extremely versatile.

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Genesis Theme Review - How Does It Work?

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