Friday, September 21, 2012

Internet Security is Important for Business

By Karen Carter

Internet security is now becoming an issue throughout the world. Many people wonder if what they do on the internet is safe. People and businesses should have correct rules of internet security in place in order to block any malicious programs from infecting their systems.

Often times hackers can be as young as a teenager who is just trying to be popular in front of his friends and causing harm to your computer system. Because of the threat of hackers, people should be very cautious when giving out any personal information online.

In 1983, a movie called "War Games" portrayed a teenager who could hack anything in the world. He was able to do this hacking through his school computer network. This movie sparked an evolution of hackers. With time, the teenagers gained experience and formed a gang like group of hackers. They started to share their exploits with friends in the group, in this way a hacking mechanism spread out all over the world and destroy the Internet security.

There are some different types of malicious programs that can cause a breach in internet security. Malware can cause viruses in the computer. Things like Trojan horses and worms will automatically download software on your computer, sometimes defective. Viruses are programs that infect files and such on your computer. A Trojan horse can fool a user into thinking it is something else so the user downloads it not realizing it is a virus.

Thus the Internet security can be defined as and designed for management of a procedure of security techniques such as encryption, authentication, physical security, line protection, and firewalls to prevent the Internet system, software, hardware, and other network communication from outside invasion. Different institution uses different solutions for their own problems which are raised from the security threats to retain their performance and survivability. If we want to have secure system we should take into consideration all of those above mentioned factors.

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Internet Security is Important for Business

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