Saturday, September 29, 2012

How To Make Invisible Duplicate Content Visible

By Samuel Jones

After months of carrying out SEO, do you wonder why your effort is not paying off? A lot of factors could possibly be counted in, but one that isn't easily seen by the inexperienced eyes is hidden duplicate content.

Opposite to what it suggests, duplicate content isn't always obvious. Content have to be checked for uniqueness not only on the web copy but in the meta titles and meta descriptions. These are text on the backend of the website that will not always be visible to the non-techy web visitors, but which Googlebot will see.

There are occasions when both the website owner and the web developer aren't aware of those duplicate content matters, and through these times, an optimisation professional can help out.

Webmaster Tools is helpful in many ways, including detecting and presenting duplicate html titles plus meta description.

Take the case of a tuition website which has numerous tutors. It's common for sites like this to produce tutor profiles for each tutor staff. Parents and students depend on the information presented by these profiles when picking the best tutor for them. Inadvertently, the html title Tutor 001 is duplicated when the next tutor profiles are labelled Tutor 002 - 100. While each tutor profile is created uniquely, the duplicate content is on the keyword Tutor.

For this reason, tuition web sites can unknowingly have 438 duplicate html titles. This isn't good for SEO entirely. On the contrary, the web site owner can utilize these tutor profiles to her or his advantage by assigning various keywords on the profiles which can be derivatives of the original keyword, tutor.

This also can happen to any site with numerous products. As an illustration, a business selling high end pens might generate numerous links to each product. If the html title is Pen 001 to 100, then certainly Google will label this as duplicate because of the search keyword Pen taking place 100 times over.

It is not a dead end road for web site owners who may use more than a few html titles again and again. They can simply modify the title to help it become unique and keyword focused.

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How To Make Invisible Duplicate Content Visible

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