Friday, September 28, 2012

Integration with SharePoint: What It Contributes To Business?

By Terry Mac

Businesses whether it be small to medium to enterprise would always require a system which will help people deal with the projects together effortlessly and productively to reach the due dates and help potential customers much better. While the workflow environment performs a crucial role in enhancing all the procedures, something that will help people and systems work together is vital. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is one of these systems. Thus workflows and its integration with SharePoint lead to better results. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 helps people show information with others, control documents and publish reports. With its Sites feature for instance, it provides single infrastructure for the business websites where it permits sharing of documents with colleagues, create, manage and release information to customers quickly.

Through integration with SharePoint 2010, it provides a production workflow environment for businesses (SMB) or even Global 2000 companies while utilizing SharePoint's main enterprise functions like SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server Standard 2010 and or SharePoint Server Enterprise 2010 as its platform for systems development. As a result, this gives customers and partners with a scalable and flexible framework to help build production case management solutions. If an organization already uses Microsoft Windows Server, aspects like "capture and storage viewing" can be leveraged straightaway with SharePoint Foundation which provides functional document repository minus the extra costs.

Also, SMB departments and organizations within larger companies may use the free version of SharePoint then if required, they can also extend to work with the enterprise features and access many documents. Simultaneously, reach many people all under a similar code the company software makes use of. This will make it possible to integrate with other case management solutions as well using Microsoft's add-on applications.

The benefits of integration with SharePoint include making automated workflow design and process mapping to the IT departments of the company to create projects as well as business' websites more prioritized. As it provides ability to automate procedures easier, it also minimizes the time consumption that reduces the risks. The use of business analysis tools will continuously boost and control processes to form it deliver dashboard-driven systems and efficient capture of data reworking the current business workflow. This provides higher quality implementation of projects in short period of time.

Having this system in place, businesses will be able to execute and cope with changes at a more suitable pace while simplifying user training and user acceptance on their websites. This provides the best return of investment and at the same time, lowering the TCO as compared with most of Java-based workflow and business process management solutions.

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Integration with SharePoint: What It Contributes To Business?

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