Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SEO That Delivers Leads

By Frank Leggors

Did you know that "keyword research" is where you need to start each and every project with. Without knowing what exactly is being typed in, you have no starting point for your seo. Once you know what is being searched regularly, you need to pick the keyword phrases that best match your products or services because it they don't match well, traffic will not convert into sales, and then, what's the point of charleston SEO? Go after hyper-specific terms and you will rank well and convert more.

Now, figure out who you will go after? Can you offer your services beyond your immediate market (town)? If so, national seo might be good for your company. Do you have the kind of website that can truly rank on page 1 globaly? Do you have enough pages that can be filled with quality content? Do you have significant time to implement link building strategies? If you answered no to these, a local qualifier might be the way to go. Here's an example: Global - "lawyer" statewide - "south carolina lawyer" local - "charleston lawyer". The two questions are can I really offer my services globally and can I rank on the top of page 1? Because 91% of leads will go to the sites on page 1, why bother with seo if we can't get there?

Now we'll talk about writing some keyword rich content for the site. There is a density algorithm for keywords, so, too many and you can be penalized for keyword cramming and not enough and you might not reach your ranking potential. So how many is too many of the same phrase? You are probably safe staying around 5% keyword density. So if you have a hundred words on a certain page, you should have no more than 5 keyword phrases. Remember that your content has to read well to humans as well as Google spiders. So, make sure to read it a few times. One rule to remember is: if you wouldn't say it, don't write it.

Now begins the link building. The fun stuff. It cannot be overstated how important good quaility backlinks are to your site ranking well. In a lot of cases, the amount of links into a site is the reason it ranks better than another. Search engines see links to your website as a good sign that you're site is trusted and used. So, how do you get them? You can write an article like this one and submit it to several article directories, sign up to the hundreds of directories available in most categories, pay for them with high pr sites, start a well written blog, utilize all social media, and take advantage of easy free link opportunities with sites like Yahoo answers, craigslist, squidoo, and wikipedia.

Let's see if you are ready to ask the right questions of the SEO companies you interview. Now that you have written quality keyword rich content based on research that told you what was being typed into search engines like Google, you decided to dominate local search instead of global, and you have been builing quality links into your site daily, you are ready to hit page 1! Once you do hit page one, your traffic will increase significantly, more leads will come in, and you will make more money! Remember to pay close attention to your analytics and traffic patterns and make adjustments to keywords as needed. Have fun on page one!

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SEO That Delivers Leads

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