Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Build SEO-Friendly Websites

By Albert Price

Every time website design is mentioned, most people easily think of art-the appearance of the site, its colors, its photos and videos, its layout, and other related elements. Although this remains to be true until now, it is also important to know that there is more in web designing that meets the eye.

The competition among online businesses is getting tougher year after year, so catching users' attention is now as challenging as making them know that a website in fact exists. New web design practices have emerged, and the most popular among them is the use of search engine optimization or SEO techniques.

Redesigning a website calls for and starts with keyword research. Doing this helps designers ensure that the selected keywords and phrases for the website match those that the users use to find the website. Also, this allows the designers to suggest changes in keywords and phrases if needed.

Design professionals also dive into the programming aspects of design to ensure that websites are search-engine friendly. They use various codes to make pages more attractive to engine crawlers. Designers moderate site maps, optimize web addresses, improve page tags and descriptions, and guarantee that the web sites adhere with with w3c standards.

It is important to know that search engines can only understand texts. They could not comprehend images, videos, animations, and the like, so websites that are heavily filled with these seldom get high rankings in the search results. A website designer that is expert in SEO is capable of setting up content in a way that serves the purpose of optimization.

Redesigning a website also entails a reassessment of content quality. Every website design should be interesting both to search engine crawlers and to Internet users. The content then, although richly peppered in search phrases, should not sound like it's written more for robots than for humans. Website owners thereby should be open to either minimal or extensive content modification depending on the designers' findings.

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How To Build SEO-Friendly Websites

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