Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Websites Use Different SEO Approaches

By Helen Price

You probably have read numerous articles and free tutorials on how to get to the frontpage of Google and also you wonder, why are there varied approaches to SEO? Shouldn't there one that works?

It's true you can find different ways to perform SEO. Actually, one SEO practitioner said there in fact is no right or wrong way provided the target of ranking Page 1 is met.

Google is critical of any SEO tactic designed to build ranks by the unnatural way. The natural way to create ranks is when websites receive back links from other websites without engaging in link buying and other black hat SEO. For Google, there is just one thing that a site should produce to make it rank high on the seach results, which is high quality content.

Here are actual steps to take when aspiring to rank your web site to the top of Google the SEO way: onsite optimization, offsite optimization, and Google+ account activation.

1. Onsite optimisation. There are so many things to fix on a website to make it easily recognizable to Google. Correcting html titles and rewriting urls from codes to keyword searchable content is one. Putting in robots.txt file that allows Google bot to crawl the site is another. Ensuring that website copy is adequate and keyword rich is yet another.

Set up your site by placing unique meta descriptions as well as meta titles. Take into account that Google has zero tolerance for duplicate copy, knowning that duplicate content will relentlessly break down your rankings. And when every one of these onsite troubles have been fixed, generate and install Google Analytics on every one of pages of your website in order to easily check traffic and make upgrades on the website to achieve your desired traffic.

2. Offsite optimisation Follows. You should remember to commence with offsite work only when your website is totally signed off for the onsite work. Otherwise, websites and Google won't like your site. With offsite work, writing excellent content is the key.

3. Google+. Benefit from Google+ as well as absolutely Google comes with personal searches into the organic searches as well.

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How Websites Use Different SEO Approaches

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