Monday, November 5, 2012

SGO Mistika Programs Review

By Nolan Tornes

SGO Mistika is one of the most well known developers of post production video editing software. It is built to allow users to adjust colors, include visual effects and modify the original file completely to make it more exciting. This company is the preferred brand for many editors since the unique design of their products allows for greater creativity.

The company has products for many different industries. They are a popular brand in film making and were used in creating The Adventures of Tin Tin. Their products were also used to create stunning 3D in Madame Butterfly. The stunning graphics that are possible with this tool make it a useful item when professionals are making commercials.

The product can be used to restore images and it supports several media formats, including PHANTOM and RED. It allows for creativity and quality, without substituting these for efficiency. It provides excellent image resolutions which allow for beautiful images in giant formats such as simulators and rides.

They produce and market many branded products, including the 5k editing program, Post. Users employ Post whenever they have to do 5k editing and higher. It can easily be used to accomplish difficult color corrections. Educational institutions are usually found exposing students to editing via their Insight product. There is a free training version of this available. Their Bridge program makes it easy to collaborate with other experts on a project, while Totem harnesses the power of multiple workstations.

Madrid serves as the headquarters for this team of developers, who have partners and offices all across the world. They can be found in Scandinavia, Australia and Mexico. They are well known in the broadcasting industry and have served advertising agencies for many years.

Users can do image processing whenever they need to, since the software handles real time edits exceptionally well. All changes happen on the GPU and editors can collect all elements of the project in one location. Despite the fact that the product is an industry leader, it is not priced out of the reach of its customers. Users do not have to exchange creativity for price when they employ it and get a whole set of filters that are meant for stereoscopic finishing.

This system can be a bit difficult for professional editors to learn at first, especially since it operates differently from most of the tools in its category that are available on the market nowadays. However there are forums and a large online community which can help with any questions you may have. There are also several tutorials available on the SGO Mistika home page.

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SGO Mistika Programs Review

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