Sunday, November 4, 2012

Speed Solutions for your PC: Registry Secrets

By Jerico Mentil

Nothing gets the blood boiling better than a slow computer. A seemingly-endless waiting for a single video to load, or a game crashing just before the final boss dies, can really push anybody of the edge of sanity. Before you spend big cash on new hardware, or a new computer, consider checking your computer's registry and its "health". You might find that the problem's not that hopeless after all.

Let's keep it simple - the registry is a VAULT. It contains blueprints that tell the computer on how to run specific programs. When you click on a program and run it, the computer opens the vault (registry), finds the blueprint it needs, it then uses the instruction to run the program you want. These blueprints are important since they make sure that every program is run in the most efficient way. When the registry is kept organized and maintained, it take lot less time for your computer to find the blueprint it needs - this leads to faster programs, and ultimately, a faster computer.

However, information saved in the registry can change due to installed programs or when specific softwares deliberately alter the registry. This can cause some programs to function poorly, or in extreme cases, not run at all. This may also cause system errors and fatal crashes that may leave your data corrupt and unusable. Fortunately, these problems can be prevented by providing your registry with regular maintenance and tune-up.

Registry tools, such as Mr RegCleaner, are softwares that help you organize and maintain the efficiency of your computer's registry. Their functions range from allowing you to edit your registry data to finding and fixing any error or inconsistency in the registry. They can also provide you with a simplified version of viewing your registry, which makes its maintenance so much easier. With proper and regular tuning-up with registry tools, you can ensure your registry's efficiency and greatly increase your computer's over-all speed, as well as help safe-guard your files from corruption or data loss.

Without the registry functioning smoothly, any computer (no matter the specifications) is bound to slow down. So, whether your computer is built for office, multimedia, or hardcore all-night gaming, having a fast computer is always the best choice.

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Speed Solutions for your PC: Registry Secrets

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