Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Idea Of A Sales-Friendly Web Site

By Randolph Morris

There's a common advice for entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to explore the online business world: put a web site so you can earn more.

The notion of establishing a web site is oftentimes initially perceived by aspiring Internet entrepreneurs as simple and effortless. Little do they know that establishing a website is a lot of hardwork! Truth is, numerous entrepreneurs seem to get shocked when they find out that their website isn't doing any good to their brand.

So what's keeping these business entities off target? One obvious reason is their site. Because of all the emotional rush and excitement, majority of aspiring Internet entrepreneurs overlook one rule of search engine marketing: create a website design that actually sells. When this focus is different from the equation, the potential of obtaining sales may turn into a mission impossible.

Before you craft a website, assess the needs of your customers. Upon delineating their wants, you can proceed to build a platform that's anchored on these specified consumer requirements. Always make sure you prioritise benefits, not features. After all, the clear purpose of your website is to draw customer attention and respond to this question: what is in it for me?

Professional imaging is the key. Don't go for stock photos and other shoddy shots. When it's for your site, you should have higher standards. Use stunning, high quality photos to lure in your customers. These visuals, according to certain studies, can elicit positive human emotions. When customers sense this powerful connection with your images and your site, expect them to be attentive to what you have to offer.

Don't give your customers lots of choices. This marketing scheme leads to choice paralysis, a trend that occurs when your customers feel paralysed mainly because they can't settle for a specific item or service offer.

Keep navigation simple. Your customers do not have the time to search for information so you must make the aspect of web development as user-friendly as possible. Make it easy for them to navigate, and let them know the next step.

If you do not want to stress yourself with all these tips, find a reputable web design company in Singapore with expertise in creating good website design.

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The Idea Of A Sales-Friendly Web Site

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