Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Right Ways To Deal With Google's Panda And Penguin

By Allana Clark

A few years ago, search engine optimization or SEO is all about determining target keywords and then using them in content generation. Unfortunately, this resulted to an explosion of site spams: those websites that carry the keywords that users use, but hardly contain the information that the visitors need. To address this problem, Google took bold actions in classifying and indexing web pages. These steps are called the Panda and the Penguin.

SEO Singapore And Algorithms

In 2011, Google launched a big algorithmic improvement which it called the Panda. This change sanctioned websites that perform keyword stuffing, publish low-quality or duplicate content, and carry out other intolerable SEO techniques. Google's Panda shook the rankings of thousands of websites on the web and compelled website owners to go over the quality of their website design and content.

This 2012, Google once again made another algorithmic change which it named the Penguin. Its purpose is to lower further the rankings of sites that abuse optimization strategies. Google does not disclose any details about what the Penguin does, but what is certain is that it punishes websites that actively intend to rank their pages higher than what they actually deserve.

Responsible SEO Singapore

The Panda and the Penguin aim to encourage site owners to be fair and to only rely on white hat activities. White hat, as the term implies, refers to good and acceptable optimization methods that allow a site to properly and honestly introduce itself in terms of theme, length, keywords, and whatnot. To secure better rankings, website owners are advised to follow the basics of web creation. They should provide helpful and unique content, avoid unnecessary and repetitive use of keywords, and exchange links only with reputable sites.

Websites with correct titles, tags, descriptions, links, and web design are certain to make the user experience convenient and satisfying. They're also friendly to search engines since web crawlers find them easier to crawl, identify, and index. To remain on top of Google's results, website owners should highly consider adjusting their SEO Singapore campaigns.

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The Right Ways To Deal With Google's Panda And Penguin

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